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Re: [paho-dev] Paho News and Status

Hi Ian,

Just to see if the Waspmote port is still something you consider?


On 29/03/15 12:07, "Guy Dillen" <guy.dillen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi Ian,
>I don¹t know if that¹s an option but in 2013 IBM and Libelium announced a
>Since you¹re working for IBM maybe you can get (a temporary) Waspmote via
>this channel?
>Other option, probably not that flexible is, I¹m still open for doing the
>On 26/03/15 21:58, "Ian Craggs" <icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Hi Guy,
>>I sure would like to.   I had a quick look to see if I could get one, as
>>that would give me a real incentive, and allow me to test it easily.  Is
>>there a cost effective optiom?
>>On 03/26/2015 05:25 PM, Guy Dillen wrote:
>>> Hi Ian,
>>> Thanks for sharing this info.
>>> Is the embedded C client for Waspmote also one of the topics you will
>>> into?
>>> Thanks.
>>> Guy
>>> On 26/03/15 17:59, "Ian Craggs" <icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> A random selection of activities and thoughts...
>>>> Here in IBM I'm soon getting some new help - Mike Tran who works in
>>>> Austin.  This will be good news for those waiting for me to look at
>>>> various existing bugs that have been raised, as well as new work.   I
>>>> hope Mike will be around for a while.
>>>> My MQTT-SN talk at EclipseCon
>>>> er-transports)
>>>> has sparked some nice comments and interest.  One of the Open IoT
>>>> Challenges is also using MQTT-SN (I'll take a look at that).  I'll be
>>>> working on new MQTT-SN client libraries and gateways in the upcoming
>>>> months.  In my talk I alluded to a demo I'd like to build -
>>>> communicating flying machines :-) -- I'll post separately about that.
>>>> The Paho permanent incubator sub-project is in the process of being
>>>> up.  Al Stockdill-Mander has submitted a Go MQTT-SN client as the
>>>> initial contribution.  That is undergoing IP clearance at the moment.
>>>> Once that is done, the incubator project should be ready to go.
>>>> Kamil Baczkowicz has submitted mqtt-spy, also to the incubator.  It
>>>> is undergoing IP clearance, but is more complicated as there are a
>>>> variety of dependencies on other components and libraries.  I hope
>>>> be able to resolve these questions soon.
>>>> I have some Python MQTT-SN client code which I'm thinking of
>>>> contributing to the incubator project once it is set up.
>>>> Al has also made some updates to his MQTT Go client.  We're hoping
>>>> this can be released as a mature version (1.0) in June, as part of
>>>> 1.2.
>>>> Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) over MQTT is getting increased attention, with
>>>> group of interested parties meeting occasionally
>>>> (  As a result we'll
>>>> thinking about what support might be useful in Paho, in conjunction
>>>> other interested projects like Kura and Leshan.
>>>> I am currently looking at FreeRTOS and the embedded clients.  I have a
>>>> FreeRTOS + TCP "simulation" project running on Windows, thanks to
>>>> Richard Barry, the author of FreeRTOS.  Now I'm going to see how well
>>>> the existing MQTT embedded C client code fits in, to work out what
>>>> to be done.  It could be just sample code and documentation.
>>>> We (Nick and I) have updated the website to include the current,
>>>> versions of the released clients.  Other pages need updating, I'll be
>>>> doing this as I find the time.
>>>> As always, any contributions are welcome, whether they be new code,
>>>> fixes, documentation, whatever.  If anyone has any other news they'd
>>>> like to share, please feel free post in response to this.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> -- 
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