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[paho-dev] Paho Project Status Update - April 17th

Hello All,

I've been looking at how the high level embedded C client:


can work nicely in FreeRTOS, which is one of the most popular embedded operating systems. Whereas C++ is the "natural" language for mbed and Arduino libraries, C is the norm on FreeRTOS. After discussions with Richard Barry (the author of FreeRTOS), in which we went through various API options, I've come up with a proposal, which is to retain the API style as it is, but add the ability to start a background task, so that calls to yield() will not be necessary. I'm just refactoring some of the code now, and will post my proposed API when I have it ready.

I've been fixing some bugs and omissions in the embedded C++ client and added those to the develop branch. These will make it into the embedded C client too.

I've also been working on (Linux) Makefiles for the embedded C/C++ clients, so that building and testing is easier. I plan to add Doxygen API descriptions, and generally complete the documentation for the embedded APIs.

The first pass of my embedded MQTT-SN C++ client is now in the Paho repo:

The Paho permanent incubator sub-project is now up and running ( The first repo is Alan Stockdill-Mander's Go MQTT-SN client. I plan to move the Lua client repo there, and add my Python MQTT-SN code.

Kamil Baczkowicz's mqtt-spy submission to the incubator is ongoing.

As always, any contributions are welcome, whether they be new code, bug fixes, documentation, whatever. If anyone has any other news they'd like to share, please feel free post in response to this.


Ian Craggs
icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                  IBM United Kingdom
Paho Project Lead; Committer on Mosquitto

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