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Re: [paho-dev] Regarding MQTTPacket exports

Hi Srikanth,

I'm glad that the library is helping you :-)

I think it's just an oversight that the de/serialize functions are not exported. I'll fix that.

The same goes for the MQTTPacket_readnb function. That was contributed but not added to the exports. Again I can fix it.


On 04/10/2015 09:44 AM, sriky wrote:

Currently I am using the MQTT Embedded C library and I am loving it.
The idea of removing the transport layer from the library and leaving it to the user of the library is just awesome. As a matter of fact it suits my purpose perfectly.

However, there are few requests to make like the following functions to be exported

int MQTTSerialize_ack(unsigned char* buf, int buflen, unsigned char type, unsigned char dup, unsigned short packetid); int MQTTDeserialize_ack(unsigned char* packettype, unsigned char* dup, unsigned short* packetid, unsigned char* buf, int buflen); int MQTTPacket_readnb(unsigned char* buf, int buflen, MQTTTransport *trp);

Could I know the reason why they were not exported, or there any plans to export them in future??

Appreciate your help and input.

BTW I think is bug in readnb when trying decode pingresp packet and I have reported it via Bugzilla.

Best Regards,
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