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Re: [paho-dev] Paho News and Status

Also,  Paolo has just made available an updated version of his M2Mqtt .Net and WinRT client library, with the following changes:

1. Exposed IsPublished flag in the published event to know if message is published or not due to timeout;
2. Internal changes for event management;
3. Fixed bug on negative timeout;
4. Improved stability on not reliable network;
5. Fixed bug on session management;
6. Added trace on queueing operations;

the version number is 4.1, and will be included in Paho 1.2, scheduled for June.  Thanks Paolo!


On 03/26/2015 04:59 PM, Ian Craggs wrote:
A random selection of activities and thoughts...

Here in IBM I'm soon getting some new help - Mike Tran who works in Austin.  This will be good news for those waiting for me to look at the various existing bugs that have been raised, as well as new work.   I hope Mike will be around for a while.

My MQTT-SN talk at EclipseCon ( has sparked some nice comments and interest.  One of the Open IoT Challenges is also using MQTT-SN (I'll take a look at that).  I'll be working on new MQTT-SN client libraries and gateways in the upcoming months.  In my talk I alluded to a demo I'd like to build - communicating flying machines :-) -- I'll post separately about that.

The Paho permanent incubator sub-project is in the process of being set up.  Al Stockdill-Mander has submitted a Go MQTT-SN client as the initial contribution.  That is undergoing IP clearance at the moment.  Once that is done, the incubator project should be ready to go.

Kamil Baczkowicz has submitted mqtt-spy, also to the incubator.  It too is undergoing IP clearance, but is more complicated as there are a variety of dependencies on other components and libraries.  I hope we'll be able to resolve these questions soon.

I have some Python MQTT-SN client code which I'm thinking of contributing to the incubator project once it is set up.

Al has also made some updates to his MQTT Go client.  We're hoping that this can be released as a mature version (1.0) in June, as part of  Paho 1.2.

Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) over MQTT is getting increased attention, with a group of interested parties meeting occasionally (  As a result we'll be thinking about what support might be useful in Paho, in conjunction with other interested projects like Kura and Leshan.

I am currently looking at FreeRTOS and the embedded clients.  I have a FreeRTOS + TCP "simulation" project running on Windows, thanks to Richard Barry, the author of FreeRTOS.  Now I'm going to see how well the existing MQTT embedded C client code fits in, to work out what needs to be done.  It could be just sample code and documentation.

We (Nick and I) have updated the website to include the current, latest versions of the released clients.  Other pages need updating, I'll be doing this as I find the time.

As always, any contributions are welcome, whether they be new code, bug fixes, documentation, whatever.  If anyone has any other news they'd like to share, please feel free post in response to this.


Ian Craggs                          
icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                 IBM United Kingdom
Paho Project Lead; Committer on Mosquitto

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