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[paho-dev] Go client update

Today I've pushed some changes and merged the develop branch with the master branch for the Paho Go client. This is to try and get people looking at/using the API in preparation for a 1.0 release.

There are breaking API changes between what was previously in the master branch and what is in it now, if you have current programs that relied on the previous version and resync the code they will not compile.

There is also some new function;

The client has an option (default true) to do automatic reconnection when the connection is lost. The onConnectionLost callback is still triggered when a loss is detected, and onConnect is called when the client reconnects, it uses an exponential backoff up to a maximum wait time (default 10 mins)

Receipts have been replaced with Tokens, these are returned on Connect, Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Publish and Disconnect, they have functions of Wait() and WaitTimeout(), Wait() will return once the required flows related to the call have completed, or an error has been caught. WaitTimeout() will return as above or when the Timer triggers.
Additionally Tokens have Error() which will return an error or nil.

The MQTT packet definitions and implementation have been put into their own library for the use of other developers who want to make use of those and not the whole client library

The client supports MQTT 3.1.1 and uses this by default with an auto fallback to MQTT 3.1

All samples have been updated to the new API to give examples of how to use the client.

I have also updated the code so it passes the golint tool.

I appreciate any feedback, comments or code contributions.



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