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[paho-dev] Bout max inflight mesages and persistence (Java, AsynClient)

Hi all,

Ian, as far as I know this is not going to be available until version 1.1 of the Java client isn't it?

Could you tell me the approximate date for release 1.1?

One more thing, I think I was in a mistake about how persistence works. I've developed a MySQL-based persistence class for my clients. I supposed that once the max inflight messages was reached the client would store nex messages in DB and retrieve them to be sent once the current number of inflight messages was below the max inflight value (similar way followed by Mosquitto). But now I think this is not how it works. Then... is persistence used by clients only for internal wire messages persistence?

Thanks a lot.

Manuel Domínguez Dorado
ingeniero ARROBA ManoloDominguez PUNTO com

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