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Re: [paho-dev] API Suggestion on the Embedded Paho MQTT Client

    Is there a particular reason you're not using the C++ version?

Well, the main reason is attracting a larger audience. We are mainly
writing the code for embedded boards, and there're certain boards
(Cypress PSoC 4, for example) that make it very hard, if not impossible
to use C++ instead of C.

I know that things are getting better everyday, and these occasions are
becoming rarer and rarer. But personally, I still think C version still
has its use case :) Any thoughts?

you're correct when you write that things are getting better, due also to wider adoption of GCC on embedded systems development (without Linux, Cortex M0-M4 etc).

But: there's still a wide audience for applications written in C and this is also true in situations where C++ would be applicable. As an example lots of developers using Keil uVision are not willing to switch to C++ due to existing knowledge, confidence on debugging techniques that would require different approaches, existing code base etc. and this rules a lot when choosing a language while working in partnership with existing departments of big companies.

On the other hand it still happens that while looking for existing opensource solutions to a deep embedded problem, one of main the obstacles is exactly the wide availability of C++ (only) based examples and code base.

  Stefano Costa

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