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[paho-dev] Problem regarding timeout check for activity

Hi, I'm evaluating paho and MQTT in general, so I'm sorry if it is a noob question or answered as FAQ. However I've found not much googling for this.

Everything is nice while developing small tests, but as soon as I try to make some pressure on it (about 2-300 messages/s) there I have the following exception:

Timed out as no activity, keepAlive=60.000 lastOutboundActivity=1.414.687.096.590 lastInboundActivity=1.414.687.156.520

The environment is the following:
Eclipse Paho
Windows 7
Java 7
The client (paho) and the server (mosquitto) are in the same machine

An idea that came to my mind is: is it possible that the messages are more than the environment can manage, and I'm filling a queue on mosquitto and so hearth-beats are going to be en-queued and so the client think the server is not available?

Have you got an idea on how many messages should I be transmitting on a good computer (need just a rough exstimation. I've got 32GB ram, 2xeon with 6 core each with hyperthreading for a total 24 "threads", I think I could manage at least some thousands messages/s (messages are very small, under 100bytes).

Another question: what should I do to eventually recover from such situation? Re connect, just relogin? I know I could just try, but if possible I'd like to know an official response just to know that not only the problem is solved, but also that I've done the "right thing"

thank you for helping


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