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[paho-dev] C client changes from 1.0 to master


I just had a look at some of the changes in the normal C client
between 1.0 and master and had some comments.

There were a large number of char * -> const char * changes
introduced. The MQTTAsync_SSLOptions struct in MQTTAsync.h had all of
its char members converted to const, but the corresponding
MQTTClient_SSLOptions struct in MQTTClient.h didn't. I presume this
was a simple oversight.

The interface of the functions below was changed from (..., int, ...)
to (..., size_t, ...), but again only changed MQTTAsync and not
MQTTClient. This is a binary incompatible change, so the SO version
number of the libraries needs incrementing. Unfortunately the change
was included in the v1.0.1 release, which means that v1.0 and v1.0.1
of the async client may be incompatible, depending on the platform
being used.



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