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[paho-dev] example code - mqtt on cc3200

Hi Al,

Yes, you were correct that I’m developing in CCS and have functioning code based off the CC3200SDK example applications.

I did what you said and everything compiles fine after a few other changes:

1) also copied definition of struct opts_struct and its instantiation
2) added definition of topic
3) wasn’t sure what to do about the toStop variable. I don’t understand how this is used. I ended up commenting out lines 240 to 243 to get it to compile.

while (!toStop)
MQTTYield(&c, 1000);

Right now, it compiles OK, but when I run it, I’m failing on the MQTTConnect function. After debugging I pinpointed the issue to this block of code in MQTTRead.

if (sl_Select(n->my_socket + 1, &fdset, NULL, NULL, &timeVal) == 1) {
do {
rc = sl_Recv(n->my_socket, buffer + recvLen, len - recvLen, 0);
recvLen += rc;
} while(recvLen < len);

It never jumps out of the do while loop. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t see anywhere in the code where “ is set as hostname. Where is this done, or do I need to do it myself somehow?

Thanks for your help this far, really appreciate it.


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