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Re: [paho-dev] Embedded MQTT C Client

Hi guys,
just git pulled and bumped into a new MQTTClient-C directory in the tree
and after reading some messages in the list I think we are doing the
same from different sides.

Last month I removed the transport specific parts from the MQTT-SN
library and provided clean samples.
Last week, I Just started doing the same on MQTT, so I basically
developed a set of low-level routines accessed by MQTTPacket. After
having problems on low-speed links I realized the packet reader was not
following the usual behaviour with TCP, so I checked with Ian and
started modifying MQTTPacket.c.
Now that I see the client code and read some msgs, I guess you guys are
probably doing the same... we should coordinate on a "transport"
interface that both use, or the client delegate on the packet, or the
packet on the client, but just one of these... do you guys agree ?
I vote for the transport API for two reasons: 1) It's almost done(*) 2)
Presents a similar interface as the one in MQTT-SN library 3) Someone
might not need a full client and could get along with just the
MQTTPacket code 4) Both, Client and Packet, remain independent. Please
correct me if I'm wrong.

(*) So far I have a simple transport API, OS-agnostic, with non-blocking
functions, that, even though it needs extensive debugging, seems to be
working (with small test messages)


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