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[paho-dev] Java MQTT Client GUI Utility & mqtt-spy

Hi all,

Following a quick chat with Andy P, he suggested posting a message
here to discuss, again;-), the idea of a Java MQTT Client GUI utility
(for Paho).

Over the last couple of weeks and months I've been working on
mqtt-spy. It's still far from perfect, so any feedback or help is very
much appreciated.

>From start, my intention was to make the code open and available to anyone.

I believe you've been thinking about a Java MQTT Client GUI Utility
for quite some time, so the question is whether you still need or want

If yes, I was wondering whether mqtt-spy could fill that gap, avoiding
duplication of effort, and potentially helping you when working on

My goal for mqtt-spy is to create a functional, easy-to-use and robust
test tool for MQTT, Once all necessary features are available, I'd
also like to open it to other pub/sub protocols if time allows.

What are your views on that?


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