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[paho-dev] Javascript client subscribe and return code

This bug has been raised on the Javascript client, in summary currently the subscribe function takes a single topic but in the callback you are returned an array of responses, this array only ever having one element.

This doesn't really make sense/looks a bit silly. So the question is what do we do about it? To change to only return a single value is the obvious and easiest solution to implement, but would potentially break someone who updated the client without updating their app, and being as we've just done a 1.0.0 release perhaps changing the API isn't such a good idea.

Alternatively we could allow subscribe to be passed multiple topics/qos, keep the currently returned array and just populate it as appropriate depending on the number of topics in the subscribe.

I'm looking for opinions on the above or any other options for resolving this, either here or on the bug.



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