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Re: [paho-dev] mqtt-sn.embedded-c/samples

> qos-1pub works because that is using an extension to the MQTT-SN 
> specification that was requested by Dave Conway-Jones. [...]

And a good one, the topic registration process is sometimes way too much
for simple devices to which this category is intended; waiting for a
response can be tedious and resource hungry in some scenarios.
That will be a great and welcome extension to the specs!

> qos0pub doesn't work because I copied qos-1pub which used the qos -1 
> long topic name method.  This sample needs updating to work like qos1pub.

> I hope that makes things clearer!

Yes indeed! Thank you Ian.
I might actually take the modification to qos0pub as a hands-on
exercise. I won't be available for at least one week, so if it is OK to
wait for me, I'll try when I'm back and submit a patch for you to review
and hopefully include it in the git tree.

I'm considering also doing a qos -1 sample with official specs, with the
topic registration.

Best regards

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