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[paho-dev] MQTTlense

Hey everyone,

you might remember the MQTT-Debugging App I am working on for this years Google  Summer of Code [1]. The App is shaping up and I would like to present you to some of the things that are the outcome of my work.

 -- Short version --

The current beta is available at [2] and can be used at [3], pleas uses Chrome 36 or later

 -- Longer version --

I decided to use Polymer [4] aka. Webcomponents to modularize the application. Basically with Polymer custom HTLM-Elements can be created to utilize any user-defined behavior. These elements can be but don’t have to be visible. For e.g. a simple Ajax request can be made via <core-ajax auto url=""EN-US">"></core-ajax> to fetch the resource available at `url`. In the same fashion I created an <mqtt-connection> element that can be used to create a mqtt connection to any mqtt broker supporting websockets. As basis the mqtt-connection element uses Mows (Mqtt.js over WebSockets) [5]. If there is any interest within the community I am going to release the mqtt elements separately so that they can be used independently in any WebApplication.

If you have any questions, feedback or bugs feel free to contact me directly or just open an issue at [2]. 

Have a nice week,







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