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Re: [paho-dev] Binding MQTT to REST servers using Link: rel="mqtt"

Hi David,

I think it's not really possible to have pseudo real-time notifications in REST. The protocol is built with a request/response semantic, plus it's key feature is caching. To my understanding, trying to follow pseudo real-time in REST is a dead end. However, my REST (HTTP/CoAP) <-> MQTT bridge (Ponte, works very well in this scenario by acknowledging this very same fact.

MQTT has a key feature in retained messages. A very basic key-value store that allows you to store a value for each topic. If you just limit the REST API to the retained messages, you have the same basic semantic of a REST endpoint, and you can map them just fine. One caveat: you should not send commands 'toggle the light', but states 'the light is on'. Otherwise duplicated commands can lead to unexpected results. Let me know if you have more questions on this one. We might even join forces on this, Ponte is based on node.js so you might even reuse that for iotdb. Let me know :).

Anyway, good idea having a link header for MQTT topics, I think we should standardize that.



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