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Re: [paho-dev] Embedded MQTT-SN client status

Hi Ian,
You are right qos-1pub.c does work! I had a mix-up with my port numbers...
I can't get qos0pub.c to work though. It connects to the broker but none of my subscribers receive the message.


On 30/06/14 14:58, Ian Craggs wrote:
Yes, I need to fix that test.

I just used the qos-1pub.c sample to send a message to RSMB. I used this RSMB configuration file:

trace_output protocol
listener 1883
ipv6 true

# MQTT-S listener
listener 1884 INADDR_ANY mqtts
    #ipv6 true
    # optional multicast groups to listen on
# optional advertise packets parameters: address, interval, gateway_id
    advertise 30 33

and published to it with:

./qos-1pub 1884


On 06/30/2014 02:07 PM, Simon Vincent wrote:
I am seeing no response from the broker when using the samples. It seems they are not communicating at all. Also I have found the test program does not compile.
test1.c: In function ‘test2’:
test1.c:429:19: error: ‘union <anonymous>’ has no member named ‘name’
memcpy(, "my", 2);



On 30/06/14 14:01, Ian Craggs wrote:
I'll be restarting work on it now that Paho 1.0 is out. The only server I test with is RSMB, so I would hope the samples work with it! Maybe you can tell me what behaviour you are seeing?

Yes, I plan to add support for all the MQTT-SN packets.


On 06/30/2014 11:09 AM, Simon Vincent wrote:
What is the status of the embedded MQTT-SN C client?
I have built it and none of the samples seem to work with the rsmb.

Also is there any plans to add advertise and gw_info support?


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