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Re: [paho-dev] Gerrit for all repos


we have to raise a bug to get a repo gerrit-enabled anyway, so I don't see this as a significant problem.

I would vote for enabling gerrit on all our repos, then we would have a consistent approach to contributions. I had just asked for the other repos I own to be gerrit enabled:


On 06/04/2014 11:58 AM, Al Stockdill-Mander wrote:
There's one downside mentioned on that if all our repos are controlled by Gerrit we can no longer create new repos ourselves and have to raise bugs to do it. Not necessarily a terrible thing, but equally does something like the samples repo (org.eclipse.paho.apps.git) need to be Gerrit'ed?


On 04/06/14 11:53, Roger Light wrote:
Hi all,

Ian just proposed enabling gerrit for the lua repo. Are there any
objections to doing the same for the remaining repos? I think it is
helpful to be consistent across the project.

I'm happy to submit the bug request.



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