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[paho-dev] JS sample utility that depends on Bootstrap/jQuery

I'm hoping someone else on this list is more familiar with this topic and provide some advice.

Bryan Boyd has created a sample javascript mqtt utility that I think is both useful and instructive for people who want to make use of the javascript mqtt client we provide in Paho. He's agreed to contribute the source code for this tool, but I'm not sure how we handle the dependencies of bootstrap and jquery that it has. Is there a difference if we didn't include them in the distribution but required that the tool loaded them from a link? Although including the js/css parts in the distribution would allow it to run out of the box without internet access.

I was speaking to Ian about it and looked at the CQ process, as there are already approved CQs for bootstrap and jquery are they applicable to us as well, and if they are do we still need to document somewhere the dependencies?



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