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[paho-dev] Release Review on April 30th

Hello all,

after some discussion with Wayne, I'm hoping that we can have a Paho 0.9 release review on April 30th.  This means having the review documentation approved by the PMC by EOB on 24th April.  I'm going to try for that. 

The checklist for Release Reviews is here:

This includes:

    - website up to date (Nick, myself and anyone else who cares to help)
    - project plan and metadata up to date (I'm handling that)
    - code and builds in order (expanded below)
    - Every download includes the necessary legal documentation (including a copy of the project licenses) as required by A Guide to the Legal Documentation for Eclipse-Based Content.
    - Intellectual Property (IP) Logs in order (me)
    - Distribution channels cleaned up (downloads available

Code and builds are in order (debatable how much applies to non-Java code):
  • All project code available in VCS
  • All project source code repositories include a CONTRIBUTING file (done)
  • At least one milestone build available
  • Builds hosted on
  • archived builds hosted on
  • Naming Conventions followed:
    • Bundle and package names e.g. org.eclipse.<subproject>.<component>[.*]
  • Version Numbering rules followed
  • Bundle manifests contains a "Bundle-Vendor" entry set to "Eclipse <project name>"
  • Every bundles contains an about.html file as required by A Guide to the Legal Documentation for Eclipse-Based Content.
  • Features names and descriptions are captured, are spelled correctly, use proper grammar, and contain content that is actually useful for the intended audience
  • (If in incubation phase) Incubation branding on distributed artefacts
  • Well-defined retention policy for distributed artefacts (e.g. p2 repositories)
Any help welcome :-)

Ian Craggs                          
icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                 IBM United Kingdom
Committer on Paho, Mosquitto

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