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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT 3.1.1 support for Paho clients

Hi Ian,

I would definitely go with 3.1.1 as default connection. 3.1 should be
selected manually if needed (perhaps in the MQTTConnectOptions?
Introducing an enum would be great).

Well, this would of course break behaviour for existing applications
(and as of this writing, afaik most of the MQTT servers don't support
3.1.1 yet). What about bumping Paho to a new major release for that
breaking change to 3.1.1? So there would be two Paho version, one for
3.1 and one for 3.1.1. For the time most MQTT brokers don't support
3.1.1, the "older" major version of Paho could be the recommended one
and the "new" major version could be marked as experimental until 3.1.1
can be used with most MQTT brokers.

I know, these suggestions appear a bit radical, but I think otherwise
people won't go with 3.1.1, even in new projects.


Ian Craggs wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been thinking about the how the Paho clients would support MQTT
> 3.1.1 in their interfaces.
> 1) My first thought was to add a connect option to select a 3.1.1
> connection, with a 3.1 connection being the default for the time being.
> 2) I've just thought that by default we could attempt a 3.1.1
> connection, and then attempt a 3.1 connection automatically if the
> first failed.  Then application programs would not have to change.
> There could be a connect option to say not to do this if you really
> didn't want it to.
> Which would prefer?  Any other options?
> Ian
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