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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT admin panel

Hi Matteo,

On 18/12/13 22:57, Matteo Collina wrote:
Hi Everyone,

As part of Ponte ( I will need a simple js-only web application to browse topics and get and publish topics updates in real-time from the web. I'm planning to use MQTT-over-Websocket.

we do have a _javascript_ version of the design that was proposed here:

that is almost ready to go.  We'll contribute that asap.  Is that the sort of thing you are looking for?

Do you think it's feasible to develop this 'widget' or sample app inside Paho? Or it's just better if I contribute it after an initial development phase?

It should definitely be feasible to develop this, and projects like it within Paho.   I'm not clear how Eclipse projects should best deal with new components written by non-committers.  Accepting lots of contributions in the development phase seems unwieldy (not impossible), but we also want to encourage new MQTT applications and clients too.  I'll ask our Eclipse mentors for advice.


As this basic web app can be reused by Mosquitto, it might be worthy to have a single effort.
Roger, would you like to joint-develop this?



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