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[paho-dev] Paho and Gerrit

As Ian Craggs mentioned a couple of days ago Gerrit has been enabled on the Java and C git repositories and while the eclipse web page has some great information I thought a mail about why we're doing this and some of the specifics for Paho would be useful.

On the why, this makes it a lot easier for people to contribute their patches/idea/code. Having cloned the git repository you make your changes, git commit and git push them back (after having already signed up to eclipse and signed the CLA). That's it, no producing patch files and uploading them to bugs, and from the committers' side we get an easy to use web interface that allows us to review and accept the changes in context without having to try and apply the patch files to our local code (which may already have other changes in).

The new git URLs for Gerrit access for the Java and C client respectively are;



depending on your access preferences

There is a section in the eclipse doc on adding a dedicated remote for review, I recommend doing this. As an example;

git config ssh://<username>
git config HEAD:refs/for/master

would setup a remote called review which would be for changes to the master branch, if you were working on the develop branch instead you would run;

git config HEAD:refs/for/develop

Once your changes and made and committed running git push review will send them to Gerrit for review.

There is a section in the eclipse document "Install the commit-msg hook in your repository" I recommend doing this as it automatically inserts Change-Ids into your commits which allows you amend commits and have Gerrit track them as the same change.

Even if you're not sure that you have something to add now if you have a local git copy of either client please update your git URLs.



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