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Re: [paho-dev] On Paho's opinionated URI validation

2013/11/5 Dave Locke <locke@xxxxxxxxxx>
The approach taken in the Paho clients has been to assume that the protocol is MQTT and then the URI is the transport that MQTT will flow across e.g. TCP://, SSL://  WS://, WSS://     If this was standardised is this enough or is there a need to not assume anything and have a uri's like MQTT://  (for TCP)  MQTTS:// (TCP with SSL/TLS)   MQTTWS://  (Websockets ...)  ?


Having mqtt://, mqtts:// (over TLS), mqttws:// and mqttsws:// sounds reasonable.
It would largely solve the problem for the PaaS providers and make MQTT much closer to the convention
HTTP and AMQP have.

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