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[paho-dev] Build and Test of Paho Java and C Clients

Hi All,

Allan Stockdill-Mander and I have started to build and test the Java and C clients in the Eclipse common build infrastructure. 

On there are two jobs, paho-c-dev-nightly and paho-java-dev-nightly, which build and test the clients.  The job names may change!  We have finished with the tests yet, in particular those for SSL are not running; more will be added over the next few weeks.   You can see example test results for the C client here:

and for the Java client, here:

The C client build is working on Linux only at the moment.   I am looking into Windows.

Automated testing of the _javascript_ client will follow.

I've also added a sample GUI test tool for the Java client.   This is a simple port of code that was already available from IBM as a SupportPac, called IA92.   This is not meant to supplant any focus on development of an ideal, or next generation GUI test tool, just serve as a useful example in the most expedient way. 


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