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[paho-dev] Redis persistence patch and hiredis dependency


Al Stockdill-Mander has contributed an implementation of a client
persistence plugin for the MQTT C client, which uses Redis as backing

It does so by using the hiredis library.

hiredis is under a BSD license.

It's important to note that this is a sample, and it is not core to
the project i.e. it is entirely optional, and serves as an example of
how one might go about implementing an alternative persistence store.

As such I think it comes under the "works-with" rather than the
"prerequisite" definition from the 3rd party dependencies policy

Under the same policy we are required to discuss this issue in the
open on the mailing list. Does anyone have any objection to this
sample being added to the C client, with an appropriate set of
documentation describing that it is an example, and optional? Any
members of the PMC care to comment?



Andy Piper | Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)
blog:   |   skype: andypiperuk
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