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[paho-dev] Release plans, team update

Hi everyone

Just a quick update from today's status call.

We are working towards a "0.5" release which we now hope to get
blessed by the PMC shortly after Kepler hits. At this stage the only
components we feel are worthy of inclusion in that release are the
Java and C MQTT clients which are more mature than the other language

We are aware that folks are working with the Javascript, Lua and other
clients and we are really happy to see that, and the input via

Our current plan is to work on polishing the Java and C clients and
the Eclipse build infrastructure for those. After that, we will look
at more actively integrating suggestions on the other language

Please don't think that we are deliberately dragging our heels on
other languages and please continue to work with the code from Git and
provide feedback - it is very valuable! In fact, it is helping us to
prioritise where to devote our attention next, so please weigh in here
on the list or via bugzilla if you have opinions, we read all of the
feedback, contributions and bug reports.

Just a quick public service announcement :-)


Andy Piper | Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)
blog:   |   skype: andypiperuk
twitter: @andypiper  |  images:

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