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Re: [paho-dev] Sorry to be a pain!

Hey Frank,

no problem. I appreciate the feedback - it's good to know that the code is being used! And I realize that I have some thinking to do about the tokens, and also explaining more about how the APIs were intended to be used.

I'd like to get a C++ layer into Eclipse Paho too, so if you are in a position to contribute your code (Eclipse has rules about contributions related to IP, licensing, etc) that would be a big help. If not, for any reason, then I'll go ahead with my own, and take comments of course.


On 20/05/13 17:00, Frank Pagliughi wrote:
Hey Ian,

BTW, I hate wandering into a project and immediately come off sounding so negative. Plus it's so easy to sound like an ass over e-mail. My intentions lie on the optimistic side.

I do a lot of remote data loggers and robotic systems with a little processors sending messages around. MQTT looks great for a lot of that. I'm glad I stumbled upon it. At some point, I'll probably want to port your library to an RTOS, like eCos. So some of my requests and comments are looking toward those types of applications.

And again, if I can do anything to help, let me know.

The C++ library is fairly operational, but on this first pass I cheated with C++11 extensions (smart pointers and portable condition variables). I will likely finish it in this manner and post it before forking it and then hacking out the C++11 parts.


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