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Re: [paho-dev] Committer input requested: Eclipse participation in OASIS Standardization of MQTT Protocol

I am not a committer but I have worked in OASIS groups before, including helping set up the AMQP group. I would like to get involved with MQTT and my company will support the group in OASIS. I agree that OASIS has been involved in full-fat XML standards (ok I admit some part in that), but at the same time the OASIS process is all about what the contributors make of it. 


On Jan 25, 2013 5:41 PM, "Scott de Deugd" <dedeugd@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Good points Andy.

Not surprisingly, we did receive a lot of similar  input along these when lines putting together the Charter proposal.  So far everyone involved wants to keep it lightweight and to get to a level of standardization  based on v3.1 without causing disruption to existing implementations and deployments. To that end we spent a lot of time  defining/scoping backward compatibility  in the proposed Charter.  I believe it is appropriate.

We did touch base with the AMQP OASIS group and have included positioning between the two.  Of course more on that topic is always better, so perhaps there will be opportunities soon for wastepapers or articles.

The Technical Committee will operate under OASIS Non Assertion Terms.


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hi All,

On 2013-01-24 19:42 ,
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Please reply with your comments/suggestions and a +1 if you would support
taking this request  forward to Eclipse.

+1 from andyg

OASIS has been involved in some rather heavy-weight standards often involving XML and large committees.  Hopefully, MQTT can be kept focused and fat-free.

Looks like AMQP is also under OASIS's umbrella ... so, we may need to clearly distinguish the differences and situations where MQTT stands-out.

When it comes to patents and royalty-fees ... presumably we'd be aiming for a royalty-free, Non-Assertion arrangement.

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