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Re: [paho-dev] Revamping project website

I think this is a good suggestion. Andy Piper did arrange for the Paho html files be moved from CVS to Git repository.

My html is "less than elegant" :) , but  I am willing to work on it and would welcome others.

Does the new look&feel also inherit stylesheets from Eclipse or is it standalone?


From:        Benjamin Cabé <bcabe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        General development discussions for paho project <paho-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        10/30/2012 07:09 AM
Subject:        [paho-dev] Revamping project website
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Hi there,

Koneki and Mihini projects will soon revamp their webste to use the look&feel of
Would you guys have spare cycles to do the same for Paho website? There's no hurry IMO, but targeting the end of the year (next release of Koneki and first release of Paho IIUC) seems reasonable.

I am of course more than willing to help doing the transition, and my wild guess is that it should be only a couple hours of work – basically just copy-pasting existing HTML content into a different structure …

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