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[paho-dev] Updating the Client View component

I spoke with Benjamin from the Koneki team at EclipseCon Europe, and also really enjoyed the workshop that Nicolas Helou from MicroDoc ran showing the use of Paho. They got me thinking about the Client View component (originally the Eurotech contribution)

We now have 4 related issues open 
Bug 382803 - Eclipse Paho Client View should externalise strings for translation
Bug 382802 - Eclipse Paho Client View should declare a category for view
Bug 392742 - "Eclipse Paho Client View" view has poor naming
Bug 382801 - Eclipse Paho Client View uses Eurotech icon

These are all "surface" / UI issues and as we go towards trying to provide an update site by the end of the year we need to address them.

I don't think a replacement for Chad has been identified (Marco?) but since these are all simple UI issues I don't think there's a reason why any of the existing committers could not fix them.

I'd propose renaming the view to MQTT Tester (Benjamin suggested MQTT Explorer but that implies discovery, whereas the view only does pub/sub). There has been an icon contributed already. The other things regarding category and strings are just "good practice" to be a better member of the IDE. If no-one has any objections I'll pick these up.

Is anyone using the view - have folks tested it on e4 as well as 3.x?

Related - aren't we still waiting on a "framework" contribution from Eurotech? I cannot attend the team call this week as i am on vacation but would appreciate it if this was tabled for discussion. It was a question that was asked at EclipseCon and I was not sure of the status.


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