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Re: [paho-dev] Welcome Andy Gelme as a new technology.paho Committer

hi All,

Thanks to Scott and the Paho team for inviting me on-board and steering
me through the process.

I've confirmed that I can update the repository and my first step will
be to check-in the MQTT Lua client as it currently stands.

Ian noted that the current directory layout may be improved ... and I'll
look into that as part of making the first commit.

One of the major goals will be to bring the MQTT Lua client up to the
same level of functionality as the existing Paho Java and C client, e.g
QoS level 1 and 2 support, providing a test suite and better
documentation (on the Eclipse Paho web-site) and examples.

There is also looking into the synergies with the Eclipse Koneki project
and the Lua Development Tools (LDT).

If you have any feedback or suggestions ... please let me know.

-O-  cheers  =  /\ /\/ /) `/ =
--O                           --     --
OOO  --  andyg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  -- --

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