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[paho-dev] MQTT Java Client and JME (Java Micro Edition)

A customer recently asked if the MQTT Java client supports Java Micro Edition (JME). As it stands it supports Java Standard Edition (JSE)  and not Java Micro Edition. Is there much interest in JME and more specifically what do folk think about adding JME support to the Paho client?  

Adding support is technically feasible but is likely to complicate/limit the code going forward:. For instance:
  • (From Wikipedia) As of 2008, all Java ME platforms are currently restricted to JRE 1.3 features and use that version of the class file format (internally known as version 47.0).    This limits the ability to use features from Java 1.4, 5, 6....  
  • Basic features such as Java util logging are not available.
  • The CLDC flavour of JME uses a different file and network io libraries

In addition the relevance of JME looks to be diminishing with modern mobile platforms like Android using JSE and iOS and Windows Phone not supporting Java at all.

If in favour of support please state which flavour of JME i.e. CDC or CLDC  and which profile e.g. foundation, midp.....  

All the best

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