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[paho-dev] Paho Java client Mavenization


Through a GitHub fork, I'm currently working on the mavenization of the Java implementation of the MQTT client.

It will allow to use the MQTT client library as a project dependency:
- in Eclipse by using the m2e plugin (
- in a standard Maven project or any build tool that is compatible with the Maven dependencies (Ivy, Gradle, sbt, Grape, Buildr...)

It should also be possible to package the library for an OSGI environment using the Maven Tycho plugin (; Benjamin, am I wrong ?

It also allows to launch unit tests easily, and to execute continuous integration builds (using free platforms such as BuildHive,

Since I’m quite new in the Eclipse community as a contributor (I’m more of an Eclipse user), I don’t know if these kinds of proposals are adequate ? 

If it's ok, I'll submit a pull request, and create a bugzilla with the patch :-)

And if everyone is ok, is it possible to release a first version and publish the artefact in the newly created Eclipse Maven repository ( ?


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