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Re: [paho-dev] Status of Eurotech tooling contribution?


The old version of the tool is still available on the Eurotech update site:

However, it has not been refactored yet to use the Paho Java client. I think it is also unlikely to be done before next week. But, you can certainly use the existing one in the meantime. In migrating to Paho I don't expect any major functionality changes. You will have to register here to get a username/password for the update site:


On 5/15/12 9:19 AM, Andy Piper wrote:
I haven't seen any regular call set up to discuss progress yet (I thought that had previously been agreed?) - but I am very happy to see the Lua contribution moving forward, thanks Andy Gelme!

Where are we on the tooling piece - at EclipseCon it seemed as though that would not take a lot of effort to rebase to the final Paho Java client and put into code review?

I'm speaking about Paho at next week's Eclipse Day in Toulouse. At a minimum it would be nice if I had a local copy of the tooling that I can demo - best case scenario would be to see the code hitting git, or at least being on its way there via code review.


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