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Re: [paho-dev] next steps: contributing Lua MQTT client

This is great progress Andy!

I've cc'd David Williams, our project mentor, and Wayne Beaton to see if they can advise us on what needs to be done with the Bugzilla report to this  get on on the IP review radar.


From:        Andy Gelme <andyg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        05/13/2012 08:02 AM
Subject:        Re: [paho-dev] next steps: contributing Lua MQTT  client
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hi Scott,

> So please check that your files have the appropriate copyright and
> licensing header. Below  are examples for both EPL-only and EPL/EDL that I
> found in the Eclipse repository.

Done, please see ...

> Once you get past  Figure 11  ("Contributor must create a Bugzilla
> entry and attach code"). the code should be available so that the
> technical discussions,  IP review and gaining Committer status, can
> proceed.

I've created a Bugzilla entry and attached the code ...

-O-  cheers  =  /\ /\/ /) `/ =
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