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Re: [paho-dev] Why connect() method has been designed to work only synchronously?

Hi Mehdi,

I can't remember all the reasons for the design decisions that were
made with the client; the foundations of the API were done about 3
years ago! But I can say that Android did not factor in the
discussions at that point in time. That said, one of the goals was a
critical analysis of the many callbacks provided by the IA92 client
(and the other v3 Java Client that ships with Lotus Expeditor) to see
which were actually useful and which just complicated implementations.
The result of which is the API in the Paho client.

A common pattern with this client is to create a connection thread in
the application that is responsible for maintaining the connection in
the background to the application; when the connectionLost callback is
called, the thread is poked to get the client reconnected (if
appropriate). This moves the blocking call off the main application
thread, which could be the UI thread.

Fast-forward to today and as Andy mentioned in his reply to your other
thread, we have much more experience using the client on Android.
Hopefully we can find a way to incorporate that experience into the
Paho code base.


On 10 April 2012 19:20, Dr. Mehdi Hasan Khan <mhasan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> All the network operations like sending/receiving messages or ping of
> Eclipse Paho MQTT client library are designed to work asynchronously. One
> can even use MqttDeliveryToken.waitForCompletion() method if he wants to
> work synchronously, a huge plus. But unfortunately the  connect() method
> works only synchronously, it waits and waits until timeout occurs. That
> causes additional trouble if you want to use this library on Android, you
> have to maintain additional thread to connect, otherwise on UI thread there
> is a chance to face ANR (application not responding) error.
> Is there any specific reason behind this design? Or, may I
> request additional callback methods to handle login result in future
> releases, so that I can work in asynchronous manner?
> Regards,
> Mehdi
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