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[paho-dev] Incorporating MQTT Lua client library into Eclipse Paho / Koneki ?

hi All,

Andy Piper tweeted that Benjamin Cabé has been using my MQTT Lua client, in particular as part of a demonstration at EclipseCon ...  # V0.1 2012-03-03      # V0.0 2011-07-28 + LDT documentation style  #  :)

I'd be very pleased to see the MQTT Lua client become part of the Eclipse Paho / Koneki projects.  Especially as a poster-child for the LDT :)

I'm happy to change the license, if/as required.
I'm happy to merge Benjamin's LDT documentation changes into my upstream repository ... and any other reasonable pull-requests.

Over time, my intentions are to significantly improve the MQTT Lua client to implement all of the MQTT 3.1 specification ... and track it accordingly.  I'd hope that the existing code quality, documentation and examples are a good indication of my serious intentions.

I've been using the MQTT Lua client as part of a larger piece of work that I call the Aiko platform ...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just to introduce myself ... I've been working on IoT and automation applications since 2000 ... and was the technical lead on a commercial building automation R&D project between 2000 and 2008, which was written in Java and used Eclipse, including creating an Eclipse RIA in 2003 (the source code was recently made open, but that's another very long story).

More recently, I founded the Melbourne HackerSpace (, see and have been working with embedded devices (Arduino), routers (OpenWRT / Lua) and Android ... often in conjunction with Freetronics (

So, when it comes to Java, Lua, C, Eclipse, Android and distributed / embedded computers ... those are playthings with which I'm very familiar and it's where I like to expend effort for the open-source community.

-O-  cheers  =  /\ /\/ /) `/ =
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