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Re: [p2-dev] Pack200 tools and api


Thanks for sharing this information.   This relates to the following Bugzilla:

It's not entirely clear how much of the content is GPL versus GPLv2 with classpath exception. 

This suggests is GPL:

But files such as these make it clear that some or all of it is GPLv2+CE:

GPL is a no go as far as redistributing this as part of p2.  GPLv2+CE is perhaps doable, but seems problematic too.

We can continue the discussion in Bug 536106.


On 01.03.2020 02:19, Peter Firmstone wrote:

I've just created a project on github, to maintain and update the java implementation of Pack200.   I haven't got the jtreg tests set up and running yet, I've used jtreg with ant scripts in the past, but would like to get them running with maven if possible, if someone has experience doing that, it would be much appreciated, so people don't need to download and install jtreg manually.

Also I'd like to make the implementation available as an OSGi service or using a service provider.

Of course I'll be adding support for new bytecodes as well.

Anyone feel like helping, the code is available here, with preserved git history, branched from OpenJDK14-26.



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