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[p2-dev] Touchpoint for deploying artifacts to Contents/MacOS directory

I'm trying to switch my RCP app over to the new Mac app layout introduced in Mars. I've got a small p2 feature which contains only a few small executables and shell scripts. They belong in the `Contents/MacOS` directory.

In Luna, I could put them in the `Contents/MacOS` directory in the feature, and p2 would put them there in the .app folder.

In Mars, they now end up inside `MyApp.app/Contents/Eclipse/Contents/MacOS`. It seems that p2 now puts everything inside `MyApp.app/Contents/Eclipse`, and there's a magic incantation that puts some things outside that hierarchy and into `MyApp.app/Contents/Resources` and `MyApp.app/Contents/MacOS`. Any pointers for how I can put my things there?

Ned Twigg
Lead Software Architect,ÂDiffPlug LLC
340 S Lemon Ave #3433,ÂWalnut, CA 91789