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Re: [p2-dev] Generation of feature metadata

Hi Ian,

> Typically features are included in the 'included features' tab, not the
> dependencies tab. The dependencies tab is a relic of the old update
> manager, and while we've tried to properly publish all parts of the
> feature.xml to p2, I'm sure there are some corner cases.

pardon me for hijacking this discussion, but isn't the Dependencies tab
the only way to also "include" a feature while still allowing for it to
be updated independently of the "including" feature? Or is there a way
to achieve similar behavior with the Included Features tab now? I was
under the impression that features included this way always had to be
present in the exact version (including qualifier) their parent feature
asks for.

Would be great if you could clarify things for me (and hopefully the OP
as well.

Best wishes,


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