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[p2-dev] root IU

Hi P2 dev J
I was looking for the definition and implications of IProfile.PROP_PROFILE_ROOT_IU.

In particular we’re interested in the implications of this property during updates, looks like implicit updates are prevented for root IUs,

and we’re looking for ways to make them work for our “group IUs”:


Category “Cat”

è Requires(o, ng) IU “Group 1” 1.0

è Requires(o, ng) IU “Group 2” 2.0

(o, ng): (optional, non-greedy)


One way we’re considering is making use of the categories we install:  Rather than setting “root” for all group IUs we could only set root for categories.

Problem is I’m unsure the “non-greedy, optional” dependencies in the category will prevent a GC from happening on our group IUs?


As usual thanks all for your help and insight! J