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[p2-dev] ECF feature structure

Hi p2ers,

Currently, ECF's usage in p2 for filetransfer has been represented by adding the appropriate/necessary ECF plugins to the p2.ui feature (I think).

For some time this has caused difficulties for ECF consumers...because those that wish to use parts of ECF other than filetransfer (e.g. OSGi remote services/remote service admin) have had to get older versions of ECF core bundles from Equinox/Eclipse...rather directly from the latest version of our repository.

During the Luna development cycle, we would like to do some feature restructuring [1] so that consumers can more easily get all of ECF directly from our repository...e.g. for installation of RS/RSA in OSGi servers.

The reason I'm bringing this up here is that this will likely require some coordination with p2 releng...and I've not tracked who within the p2/Equinox team is doing p2 releng work now. Would it be possible to get a contact within the p2 team for this work over the coming months?



[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=409787