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[p2-dev] Security/maintenance updates for Eclipse & RPMs

Hello everyone, 

I'm looking for help :).

So there is this concept of security updates in Linux, having each
library only once in the system, wrapped in a stand-alone package,
symlinked, and being updated asynchronously.

The problem is that due to the P2/Eclipse/OSGi strictness it is not
possible to update a bundle, because:
* qualifier will change
* features requiring particular bundle will no longer resolve (and
features requiring them, and the product in the end)
* p2 is broken when profile is out of bundles.info

What could be done to support such a scenario in Eclipse? So far I've
thought about:
* rebuilding with the same qualifier - this breaks OSGi rules and even
does not work, because osgi caches old code
* p2less installations - not really an option, people must be able to
install things
* on-demand profile generation - does not work because features use
hardcoded qualifiers.

Is there something else I could consider?

Krzysztof Daniel <kdaniel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Red Hat