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[p2-dev] Expressing complex requirements (while processing droplets)

Hey P2 masters,

A droplet requires all bundles to be installed from a certain location.
But it may happen that two location provide the same plugin, which is a
singleton, so only one could be installed.
I'd like to overcome this problem by creating a fake installation unit
which would be installed if any instance of a bundle would, f.e.:
let's assume that there are two droplets (1 & 2) providing
javax.xml_1.3.4.jar. So while processing those droplets, I'd like to
create a unit common_javax_xml_1.3.4 requiring javax.xml from droplet 1
or from droplet 2, and then make droplet 1 and droplet 2 depend on
common_javax_xml_1.3.4 rather than on javax.xml single instance.

How to properly translate this into p2 requirements? 

Krzysztof Daniel <kdaniel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Red Hat