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[p2-dev] Duplicating/ Cloning a P2 Profile in a shared install environment

Hi All,

Is it possible to duplicate/clone a p2-profile and use it as the base to create a new profile in a shared install environment?

In our case, we are looking for a way to create a base Profile, have it cloned and use it as the base-profile to create new Profiles at different stages in the product build.
We first create a base P2-Profile (ProfileA) with a base set of IUs. This will be the base target product. We use p2-director for this purpose.

Now we are looking at how to extend our base product by installing new P2-profiles in the product, extending the base-profile (without installing all required base IUs to ProfileB all over again.)
A new profile (Profile B) should contain the base set of IUs in Profile A and a new set of IUs. And the target product should now contain the base profile (Profile A) and a new Profile B extending the base-profile.

Is there a standard way to clone a P2-profile and reuse it to create a new profile?
Appreciate your thoughts.


Dileepa Jayakody,
Software Engineer, WSO2 Inc.
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