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[p2-dev] How to define p2 sub-categories using category.xml

Hi All,

We use P2 Category Publisher tool to publish category metadata to our p2-repo.  And now the features are categorized based on our Products.
Now we have a requirement to list sub-level categories based on functionality of features under main feature categories. Is there a way to define sub-categories using category.xml or a work-around to achieve this?

For example in the following sample category.xml [1] how can I define category c2.1 as a subcategory under c2?
Also Can I give version IDs for my category-defs?

Thanks in advance,

   <feature url="" id=":1lc">SNAPSHOT.jar" id="a" version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT">
      <category name="c1"/>
   <feature url="" id="b" version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT">
      <category name="c1"/>
   <feature url="" id="c" version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT">
      <category name="c2"/>
   <feature url="" id="d" version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT">
      <category name="c2.1"/>

   <category-def name="c1" label="Category-A"/>
   <category-def name="c2" label="Category-B"/>
   <category-def name="c2.1" label="Category-B-II"/>