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Re: [p2-dev] repository search tools

On 2012-11-13 13:38, Kopecz, Klaus wrote:
B3 Aggregator is a great tool for defining aggregates of (subsets of) p2 repositories. The main purpose however is to verify and build the aggregate (be it as a pure composite p2 repo, partly mirrored artifacts, or fully mirrored). I used to leverage the browsing capabilities which comes with the B3 Editor, but this is really limited. I switched to p2browser for any kind of non-trivial search or dependency analysis task (e.g. show me all IUs which depend on a given IU).
It would be handy to have all p2browser capabilities within the B3 editor, but I understand that B3 is really focusing on the build use case ...
That's true, but then again, having great search capabilities really helps when you're creating an aggregation or trying to find cause of errors in the build. I would be happy to work with Igor and the people behind the p2 browser to get it's capabilities into the b3 editor if possible.

- thomas