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Re: [p2-dev] Ericsson contribs to Kepler

Hi Helmut,


I went through the bug you mention and the requirements initially captured by Martin align with parts the use cases that I’m working on.




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Thanks Ericsson! J

Pascal, Wind River looked into shared installs the last year, Martin Oberhuber told me his investigation resulted in writing a high-level requirement with James Blackburn:



As you say this is more than just bug-fixing but we believe implementing it will move the shared installation into the right direction, hopefully Ericsson shares this thought?



Ciao, hh




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As you may have guessed from previous emails, I’m going to do some paid work on behalf of Ericsson. Since the expected contributions will go beyond a couple of bug fixes, I’m giving you a heads up on the work to come.


At this point the work is scoped to improving shared installs. Shared install (when the eclipse install is marked read only) has been an area where p2 has had some rudimentary supports since the first release but where many corner cases fell short (and not many ppl were interested in doing the work).


At this point the work scheduled includes the following bugs with a focus on the windows platform:

                Basic bugs

                Bug 249133 - [shared] Default update site list blank in shared install

                (probably others)


                Improving handling of changes in the base

Bug 389411 - [shared] Provide a nice to way to bring plugins over from a previous install

Bug 304132 - [shared] Upgrading shared base causes loss of user installed plug-ins

Bug 329587 - [shared] Review product update story

                Bug 358094 - Installing plugin into central shared eclipse breaks p2 cascaded configurations


Don’t forget to thank Ericsson J