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Re: [p2-dev] Site with space character in the URL

Do you really have to use space in repository url?


On 12-09-12 12:52 PM, Jeff MAURY wrote:

i am building an Eclipse based application with Tycho.
As I am also building the update site part of the build, I am using the
AddRepository touchpoint action in my product p2.inf file.
The problem I have is that the URL for my site has space characters.
So if, in the p2.inf file, I don't escape the ' ' characters, the TYcho
build fails: in fact, Tycho launches the P2 director application and it
fails because of illegar characters in the site URI.
So, I escaped space characters (as %20) in p2.inf, the Tycho build now
complete but when I launched my product, I can see the sites, but if I
check for new software, P2 cannot retrieve info from the site because it
seems the %20 have not been unescaped.

Do you know if this is supported and if I am missing something ?


-- Jeff MAURY

"Legacy code" often differs from its suggested alternative by actually working and scaling. - Bjarne Stroustrup


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